[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] N800 as a webcam

From: Zeeshan Ali zeenix at gstreamer.net
Date: Thu Jan 11 14:33:24 EET 2007
Hello All,
    Often i come across young smart people looking for a nice
idea/project to work on. I was wondering it would be great if people
could use N800 device as a (USB) webcam for their PC. I would be
working on other prorjects both at office and in my spare-time so I
won't be able to work on this idea in the near future at least. So if
anyone is looking for a nice project around N800, this could be an
interesting but useful project to work on, IMHO.


USB-IF releases spec for USB video streaming devices:


Zeeshan Ali
Design Engineer, SW
Open Source Software Operations
Nokia Multimedia

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