[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Maemo Unofficial Debs

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Thu Jan 11 16:23:27 EET 2007
In a recent posting to maemo-users Andrew Flegg mentioned his Maemo Unofficial 
Debs project (http://mud-builder.garage.maemo.org/).  What is the status of 

In my repository (http://www.cobb.uk.net/770/) I have a number of debs which I 
have minimally ported from current Debian (Etch), because I needed them for 

Most are either unchanged or minimally changed.  The most common change has 
been to change debian/compat from 5 to 4 (they still seem to build OK!).  In 
some cases some minor changes have been necessary to either the dependencies 
or the build dependencies.  Occasionally I have had to comment out part of a 
build (mostly regression tests which I find often depend on more things than 
are listed in the build dependencies).

Some of them don't want to build completely cleanly (i.e. just with 
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc) -- often needing -d or -nc or both (I don't 
understand the number of packages that cannot run their "clean" step without 
error when invoked in a directory created from apt-get sources with no 

However, I have (obviously) succeeded in building the ones I list.  It would 
be great if there was a convenient way to make those available to the 
community (i.e. not dependent on people having to add my repo and many others 
like it) and, very importantly, some way to have them rebuilt (preferably 
automatically, or at least when required).  For example, the opensync ones 
need rebuilding fairly frequently as opensync is a work in progress.

If I understand correctly, those were exactly the goals of mud-builder.  What 
is the status?  Is it open for use?  Is there any point in trying to move the 
packages I have built to mud-builder?


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