[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: N800 Developer Programme Application

From: Kai Schindelka kai at schindelka.de
Date: Fri Jan 12 01:35:49 EET 2007
Jakub.Pavelek at nokia.com wrote:
>> What's the point to announce such a program so late and with 
>> so little details? To irritate people? I would like to have my 
>> discount right now, if I'm eligible, so that I could buy the 
>> device right away, or to know that I'm not eligible so that I 
>> could plan $399 into my budget for gadgets. At the very least 
>> it would be nice to know the time frame for the program.
> Announcing it "so late" (was it the same/next day after the product
> launch?) should not be a problem. Active community members and
> developers do not need to be "created" overnight, they existed before
> the developer program was launched. If I understand the program schedule
> correctly the lucky ones shall get notified rather soon.

Many thanks for the clarification. Well, if I should be one of the lucky 
I would be happy indeed. The 770 is already great, and I would really 
like to get to know it's successor and work with it. At least the news 
managed to clearly rise the priorities for my 770 activities above the 
others - which will never hurt anyway.

Regard, Kai

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