[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Java phoneME advanced for the 770

From: Dirk Kuijsten dirk.kuijsten at xs4all.nl
Date: Fri Jan 12 15:43:59 EET 2007
Op Vr, 12 januari, 2007 08:49, schreef Roberto Resoli:
> 2007/1/11, Johannes Eickhold <jeickhold at gmx.de>:
>> Hi list,
>> for evaluation purposes I made up a build of Sun's GPL'ed Java phoneME
>> Advanced MR1 release. The build only supports the Foundation Profile so
>> far.That means there currently is no support for any GUI. From some
>> mails on this list and from comments on #maemo I've got the impression
>> that there are experienced people who might be interested in hacking on
>> this topic and could help to bring more Java to the 770.
> I am one of these persons...
>> Feel free to try the simple HelloWorld and the test suite on your Nokia
>> 770 with a Sun VM :-) that come with the build.
>> You can get it from [1]. I roughly described the steps I did to get it
>> build and how to install it in [2]. Ongoing discussion about the
>> development of phoneME Advanced happens in their forum/mailinglist [3].
>> Please join it with questions or suggestions.
> Many thanks for your work, i will try ASAP, along with recent ports of
> GNU Classpath, jamvm and jikes ....
> Bye,
> Roberto.

I tried jamvm plus classpath but got the GTK-Peer bug because a library my
app uses draws with Graphics2D. Normal swing sliders/borders and
comboboxes did work though and the application could be closed nicely.
Didn't have top menus of course. I was impressed with the startup speed on
the 770 compared to my pc: not that much slower, although of course no jit
compilation is performed.

I don't know if cairo is available on the N800? If so, someone should try
to configure classpath with --enable-gtk-cairo, which according to my
understanding of this problem should solve the GTK-Peer bug (?)



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