[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Hardware failure

From: Mathias Uebelacker m.uebelacker at googlemail.com
Date: Sat Jan 13 21:50:21 EET 2007

i have a question for extensive use of the device. I use my device about
14/7 most of that time the device is connect via wlan. Now i got a strange
problem. During reading a email the screen went off and on once. After the
screen went on the graphic looks like a water paint which is cleand with a
wet shirt. i got vertical stipes and the colours are very brightly. First i
thought it was a memory problem. But i could not fix the problem neither
with turn on / off, take the batt. out of the device nor with flashing. I am
not familiar with the Hardware - could it be the graphic ship?

This question is only to improve my knowledge because the service from Nokia
Germany is really great. Last year i had two problems and i shipped my
device in via a local dealer. Both times i got a changed device back. So is
there no a developer with magic abilities i will send my device to Nokia
Germany changing should not be a problem because the N770 is still availible
in Germany.


Does anybody knows how to turn on a laptop and check emails :-))

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