[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Discussion of a possible project - offline calendar project

From: Martin Grimme mgrimme at online.de
Date: Mon Jan 15 12:15:36 EET 2007

Mathias Uebelacker schrieb:
> Well here some thoughts from my project sheet:
> - which language should be used ( C, Python...) 
> - how should the data stored (database, file ...)
> - should the application interacts with osso applications (Adressbook, email)
> - limitation of the screen size (N770)
> - look and feel like the original ??
> - exchange with the google calendar (import/export)
> - language files (for each user his or her language)
> - and and and

This sounds really interesting. I know that there are already
applications like dates or GPE-calendar for the N770 but both
don't fit my needs. Since my idea was to write some sort of
PIM suite specially for the 770 in the near future, maybe we
should join efforts.

I have written software for the 770 in C (Ogg Vorbis Player) and Python
(Obscura Photo Manager) and have to say that Python wins for big
applications, IMHO. Development is much faster and the code usually
more clear and stable than with C. So I'd vote for Python.

One of my first opensource projects was the desktop calendar gDeskCal
(http://www.pycage.de/#gdeskcal), so I have some experience with reading
iCalendar files.

> If there some developer which will start these project with me let me know. If we can build a Team i will ask the garage-team to host that project so that we ca
> n start the work.

Sure, why not? :)


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