[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] How to extend Hildon Input Methods

From: Mohammad Anwari mohammad.anwari at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jan 15 15:09:46 EET 2007
Pada hari Senin, tanggal 15/01/2007 pukul 13:45 +0100, ext Guard][an
> The tutorial mentions "libhildon-input-method-header-sdk-dev and 
> libhildon-input-method-framework-header-sdk-dev packages" but the real 
> name of the first package seems to be 
> "libhildon-input-method-ui-header-sdk-dev".

You are correct. I'm cc:-ing bora-feedback hoping they can fix this.

> Also, it would be nice to have more detailed documentation on key types 
> and attributes usage.
> For instance, the <key alpha="ALPHA" size="2">q</key> markup seems 
> rather obscure to me, particularly the alpha="ALPHA" part.
> Also, how do you define a modifier key ?

Unfortunately, there is no modifier key :(

>  And how do you specify tabs like the "abc" "ABC" "1!+" tabs on the thumb keyboard. In fact, having 

Put label attribute in the sublayout tag.
<keyboard layout="THUMB">
    <sublayout type="LOWERCASE" label="abc" variance_index="1">

> the xml versions of the .vkb files deployed on the device would really 
> help understanding how to achieve the "abc/ABC click on the same tab 
> changes the case" behavior. 

Use variance index for that, so we would have:
<keyboard layout="THUMB">
    <sublayout type="LOWERCASE" label="abc" variance_index="1">
    <sublayout type="UPPERCASE" label="ABC" variance_index="0">

> Is there any plan to make these .xml files 
> available ?

Sorry, no plan for that.

> Regards.
> G.

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