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From: Mathias Uebelacker m.uebelacker at googlemail.com
Date: Tue Jan 16 01:01:52 EET 2007

thanks to for the answers. I will wait until wednesday for further answers
to my question. So at this time there where some projects with little or no
growth or the possibility to create a new one in Python?. So maybe we should
thought about possible features in the next step. But lets wait til
wednesday an see whats coming next.


2007/1/15, Teemu Nikkilä <tnikkila at cc.hut.fi>:
> Hello!
> On Monday, 15. January 2007 12:15, Martin Grimme wrote:
> > Hi,
> > This sounds really interesting. I know that there are already
> > applications like dates or GPE-calendar for the N770 but both
> > don't fit my needs. Since my idea was to write some sort of
> > PIM suite specially for the 770 in the near future, maybe we
> > should join efforts.
> >
> > I have written software for the 770 in C (Ogg Vorbis Player) and Python
> > (Obscura Photo Manager) and have to say that Python wins for big
> > applications, IMHO. Development is much faster and the code usually
> > more clear and stable than with C. So I'd vote for Python.
> Funny, I started to play around with a calendar project a while ago. I use
> Contact on the desktop and choose to store my calendar appointments as
> emails
> on an IMAP server. These mail messages contain standard iCalendar files.
> To get started, I wrote a very simple Python app which is able to retrieve
> and
> list the appointments from the server. Then I unfortunately ran out of
> time
> for the project as I was supposed to figure out how to render the next
> occurrence of a recurring appointment. There seems to be a python module
> for
> that too though.
> Also I'd like to be able to see the calendar of my (series 60) phone and
> preferably be able to synchronize with it.
> So I'd really love to see a calendar application that can use (offline)
> as a backend and also interact with a phone's calendar. I'm also willing
> to
> contribute if there was a project in Python to implement this.
> -Teemu
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