[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Bluetooth Headset Support - Status update?

From: Jochen Eisinger jochen at penguin-breeder.org
Date: Tue Jan 16 01:18:33 EET 2007

Johan Hedberg wrote:
> AFAIK, the procedure of changing the SCO routing on the TI chip requires 
> a proprietary TI HCI command. I'm not sure we can publish it since it's 
> documented in TI docs which have quite strict publication restrictions.

I had a closer look at the driver for the chipset. The "firmware"
appears to be just a sequence of TI HCI commands which is dumped to the

Could you please release a modified firmware image that changes the SCO
routing? The additional commands wouldn't be any more public like the
rest of the hci commands in the firmware file, so I guess that should be
ok with legal.

btw, there's a nice collection of commands used in such
bluetooth-scripts available at:

-- jochen

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