[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Fwd: Touch-screen sensitivity controls?

From: Erik Walthinsen omega at vcolo.com
Date: Tue Jan 16 04:48:58 EET 2007
I'm about to deploy the first generation of a control panel for the lights
in my church's sanctuary, built for the 770.  It's a python app that uses
Art-Net to drive a DMX-512 converter that runs the dimmers, and is designed
to be multi-station.  So far it's working fairly well in development, except
for the fact that the redraw routines are taking too long.  I know how to
fix that to some degree, so it's not a major concern.

However, what is a definite concern is that the touch sensitivity could
create a lot of frustrated users as it stands.  While I haven't mounted one
to the wall yet, using full-finger presses seems to be somewhat hit & miss.
  I'm not really in a position to tell everyone using it to "use your

What kind of controls (if any) are available to tweak the sensitivity of the
touch screen in order to make it more amenable to intentional fat-fingering?
  I don't really care in this application how rough the resulting mouse
events are, as the interface is designed to leave enough space between
buttons so it'd be pretty hard to get badly wrong.

Am I going to have to look at using the pressure data directly, as per HOWTO
UseTouchscreenPressureData ?  That would complicate matters since I'm
writing in Python to avoid having to build the entire compilation environment...

    aka Erik Walthinsen
    omega at vcolo.com
    omega at temple-baptist.com

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