[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] OpenVG (was:Improving Cairo performance on the N800)

From: Kees Jongenburger kees.jongenburger at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jan 16 08:17:35 EET 2007
> - Write a new Cairo backend that targets OpenVG, since the PowerVR MBX
> has fully-accelerated OpenVG rendering. I haven't found anything about
> OpenVG + Maemo 3.0, so maybe the software infrastructure isn't there
> yet to do this.

I have been porting xmoto[1] from OpenGL to SDL_gfx[2]  in order to be
able to play this game on the nokia 770. Thanks to the guys on
irc(waite,pokute, tigert your code is not in SDL_gfx 2.0.15) I have
made good progress.
The main reasons for choosing SDL_gfx was actually that there was no
other option.
It looks like OpenVG really is something interesting and perhaps the
same goes for cairo.
Are the OpenVG features used anywhere in the device, how do I get started?
would it be possible to run xmoto on the N800 with a cairo rendering
engine, what kind of
framerates can I expect if I perform full screen updates?


[1] http://xmoto.sourceforge.net/ xmoto
[2] http://www.ferzkopp.net/joomla/content/view/19/14/ sdl_gfx
[3] http://wiki.xmoto.free.fr/index.php?title=SDL_gfx  the Port

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