[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Anybody has any news about a PIM application in the hildon framework (and so for 770/800?)

From: Michele Giorgini MD6604 at mclink.it
Date: Tue Jan 16 13:27:50 EET 2007
I was looking for hildon docs about calendars because I started hacking a little on winzig in Python and run into this

The fact that astonished me is that...


Weekday picker supports non-mutually exclusive selection of days of the week. Selected days of the week are shown with a pushed-in effect.

Weekday picker is used where users are required to pick days on which a certain event should take place, for example, which days a Calendar event should be repeated on. It is used in __Calendar in the Repeat dialog, in Tasks in the Repeat dialog__ and in the Email set-up wizard

Calendar & Tasks repeat dialog???

Am I missing something or what?!?!?



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