[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Python for Maemo -- new version released

From: Elvis Pfützenreuter elvis.pfutzenreuter at indt.org.br
Date: Tue Jan 16 19:12:15 EET 2007
We from INdT (Nokia Institute of Technology -- Brazil) have the pleasure 
to announce the new version of Python for Maemo, for Maemo SDK 2.1 
("Scirocco") and SDK 3.0 ("Bora"). Highlights of this version:

* Support for N800 device/software (SDK 3.0)
* Language updated to Python 2.5
* Updated bindings
* Added bindings to new Hildon widgets
* Improved OSSO bindings
* Project home has moved to Garage.maemo.org.

The new project page is http://pymaemo.garage.maemo.org. There you can 
find directions about repositories, installation on SDK/device etc. The 
release notes for this version can be found at 

We encourage everybody to try the software and report bugs/improvement 


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