[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] n800 camera specs

From: Ty Hoffman tah1 at cox.net
Date: Tue Jan 16 20:27:57 EET 2007
David Weinehall wrote:
> On mån, 2007-01-15 at 11:50 -0800, ext Ty Hoffman wrote:
>> Y'all,
>>             I haven't seen any specs on the n800 camera (resolution, 
>> etc.). Can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks.
>> Oh, and for what it's worth, I'm now getting annoyed with the speed of 
>> the n800 developer discount program...I want to buy an 800, but of 
>> course would like to know if I'm one of the chosen ones for the 
>> discount. Don't want to buy one and then get the 'you're a winner!' 
>> email. I don't like to complain, because I know it's probably tough to 
>> manage a discount program and be fair, but a little more alacrity would 
>> be good. Meanwhile I'll just sit here on my hands for a few days more 
>> before I make the drive to CompUSA. Any ETA out there??
> Yeah, I understand how annoying it is that it has been a whole
> week (gasp!) since the product launch without any decisions on what
> developers will be picked for the developer discount program.  Oh and
> woes if it would take another week or two.
> Maybe not *all* virtues are lost, but patience certainly seem to be dead
> and buried.
> On a more serious note: the reason this is taking time is simple: we've
> spent enormous amounts of energy on getting the N800 out in time in the
> first place.  We simply haven't had any time to focus on the developer
> discount program, since it did not have a firm deadline; CES did...
> Regards: David Weinehall
Well, David, I tried to be as nice as possible with my comment about the 
wait, which is why I said I understand it's not easy to manage a program 
like this, and get it going. So I'm thinking that the (gasp!) crap is 
uncalled for. Again, I know it's a tough thing to find the time. I also 
am sure that it would not have been difficult to decide on and publish a 
date saying 'notifications will be sent out by <date>', so that 
everything is not a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.


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