[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] For want of a ... (Was: n800 camera specs)

From: Matt Clark matt at mattclark.net
Date: Tue Jan 16 20:07:46 EET 2007
> Getting beyond the easily misinterpreted intentions of mailing list
> participants, he does have a very good idea. If Nokia just sends 500
> worthy developers mail-in rebates for store-bought n800's then there
> is no issue of waiting anymore. It is probably the easiest thing to
> handle logistically on Nokia's side also.

That is so sensible it will never happen ;-)  I would be delighted to  
be proved wrong though, and also I'd like to ask a very open question:

How many people on this list are being held back in development by  
lack of access to hardware?  Or any other resource?  What's the thing  
that would most accelerate your development activity?  Steve Ballmer  
might be a bit of a plonker at times, but 'Developers! Developers!  
Developers!' as a war cry has done Microsoft nothing but good.  What  
do we, as developers,  really want?

I know my initial list would be:
1 more open source code
2 or, if I can't have that, dev access to non-redistributable code on  
easy terms (like, less than retail device cost)
3 did I mention the code?
4 discounted hardware


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