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From: Mathias Uebelacker m.uebelacker at googlemail.com
Date: Tue Jan 16 21:32:07 EET 2007
The easiest way is go into a shop or online and order one. Thats is no more mails about  oh mama can i get one pleasseeeeee

Well and development, for the N770 or maybe N800 should be to establish more End-User-Ready-Applications


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> > Getting beyond the easily misinterpreted intentions of mailing list
> > participants, he does have a very good idea. If Nokia just sends 500
> > worthy developers mail-in rebates for store-bought n800's then there
> > is no issue of waiting anymore. It is probably the easiest thing to
> > handle logistically on Nokia's side also.
> That is so sensible it will never happen ;-)  I would be delighted to  
> be proved wrong though, and also I'd like to ask a very open question:
> How many people on this list are being held back in development by  
> lack of access to hardware?  Or any other resource?  What's the thing  
> that would most accelerate your development activity?  Steve Ballmer  
> might be a bit of a plonker at times, but 'Developers! Developers!  
> Developers!' as a war cry has done Microsoft nothing but good.  What  
> do we, as developers,  really want?
> I know my initial list would be:
> 1 more open source code
> 2 or, if I can't have that, dev access to non-redistributable code on  
> easy terms (like, less than retail device cost)
> 3 did I mention the code?
> 4 discounted hardware
> M
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