[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] gtk+-2.0 uninstallable

From: Janne Kataja janne.kataja at movial.fi
Date: Fri Jan 19 16:21:30 EET 2007
Saifa Saifa wrote:
> With new maemo3.0 libgtk2.0+-dev is not installable with apt-get.
> When I tried to apt-get install libgtk+-2.0 it shows the unmet dependencies
> libglib2.0-dev. It is looking for pkg-config package which is 
> installed by "osso-af-settings" and pkg-config version is 0.15.0 
> which is latest.
Your installation is not complete and missing packages for scratchbox 
provided build tools.
I recommend that you install which takes care of this problem.

 From install instructions

Install Scratchbox provided virtual packages

   In addition to compilers, scratchbox provides a set of build
   tools such as make and autoconf. Compared to earlier releases, these
   build tools have been removed from maemo 3.0 'bora' release and are
   no longer provided with the rootstraps.


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