[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] OS X Flasher for the N800?

From: Sean Luke sean at cs.gmu.edu
Date: Fri Jan 19 18:08:53 EET 2007
When, or is, an OS X Flash utility going to be made available for the  
N800?  And will it be made available Universal rather than just PPC?

I realize that this device has only been out for two weeks, and that  
the OS X flasher was probably a labor of love by an employee at  
Nokia.  But I suspect building the OS X flasher is little more than a  
recompile of the linux version, and there are a LOT of MacOS X users,  
like myself, who badly need it.

Last: is there a reason the flasher utility isn't open source?  [or  
am I being brain-damaged here, and it already is?]


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