[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Questions aftering flashing n800...where is opera?

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Fri Jan 19 23:32:37 EET 2007
See my responses inline below...

Michael Wiktowy wrote:
> On 1/19/07, Mike Klein <mklein at vxappliance.com> wrote:
>> There seem to be numerous applications for maemo and I can't figure
>> out how/where to easily load them. I'm not too familiar with maemo
>> repositories/syntax or debian commands (used mostly rpm from redhat).
>> All that is present after flashing is xterm, gnu helloworld and some
>> other app which escapes me at the moment.
>> 1. Shouldn't Application Manager allow me to download original
>> applications that came with device? (opera, etc.). How do I go about
>> at least adding Opera and GoogleTalk application. Do I need to build
>> these in sdk and deploy to device or can I do direct download? What
>> are targets I need to specify or url of docs for this?
> Opera and GoogleTalk are included in the firmware that you flash. They
> do not have to be installed separately and the Application Manager
> gives no option to remove them. To see more applications to install,
> you need to add more Application Catalogues. Search through maemo.org
> for some examples.
They are? Where are they then? After flash'g I only see Xterm,
HelloWorld and Maemo Pad. Control panel is filled with 'applets' and
that's it.

> Some places to start:
> http://maemo.org/maemowiki/ApplicationCatalog2006
> http://maemo.org/maemowiki/OS2007_Tested_Applications
So in general I can install mistral and have compatiblity with bora?

>> 2. If there are no applications (to speak of) after flashing...why is
>> there "Messenger" icon on desktop with many menuitems and no apps
>> hooked up to it...is this part of core ui hildon framework?
> Some apps are included in the core firmware that you flash.
Nothing is included with developer firmware that provides apps for this
menu though. I didn't flash end-user  image but developer image.

>> 3. Is the ApplicationManager just gui around apt-get?
> Pretty much. It simplifies things and hides all the useful (but scary)
> error output.
>> 4. Why is there no mention of root password for n800. I couldn't use
>> apt-get due to not being root and got warning message about same. Is
>> the intent that developers only be "root" on sdk machine where they
>> build apps for deploy to device? And that on device you should just
>> use Application Manager?
>> I think Nokia dev docs are missing section after flashing on
>> "root/user" accounts and passwords. I found in older maemo2 docs the
>> concept of these 2 user accounts.
> The root account is not accessed in the traditional way. Installing
> the "becomeroot" package and then typing 'sudo gainroot' in the xterm
> will get you there though.
> There is a way by using the flasher to enable R&D mode and then
> manually enabling the root account but the gainroot package is way
> easier ... provided it works on the n800.
thanks for info
>> 5. Upon visiting Maemo garage repository and wanting to download some
>> apps...they all seem to have different install instructions and in
>> some case no instructions...downloading binary directly to browser.
>> Is the scheme as follows? If they state is available as DEB package
>> then just use ApplicationManager to install from file after
>> downloading to device....otherwise if they give repository fields
>> then fill in using ApplicationManager?
> Downloading and Opening the deb file usually works provided there are
> no uninstalled debs that it depends on. Installing from an Application
> Catalogue will resolve all those dependencies for you. If I understand
> correctly, there is another format that is a hybrid of the two. The
> .install format will set up the proper Catalogue for you and install
> the app and its dependencies. If the .install is available for "bora",
> use that one. Some catalogues to try are here:
> http://maemo.org/maemowiki/ApplicationRepositories
Only problem with this method of downloading is I only have minimo right
now...more stable opera I can't find.

> Enjoy your new gadget.
Can do! Enjoying my PP3 too!
> /Mike
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