[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] N800 GUI Improvements from a Newton Developer's Perspective

From: Antonio Orlando ant.o at libero.it
Date: Mon Jan 22 19:22:13 EET 2007
Not only in technologies, but in every field of human knowledge we should  
never stop to take sometimes a breath, and look in the past: oh how many  
great ideas have been covered by the dust of time. Best things are those  
who survive: maybe it's commonly true, but not always true.

That review is great, so much polarized and so much great :) And I'm  
thankful to the writer for having me given a glance of the Newton OS,  
which I've never seen: thank you, I hope some of your suggestions will be  
taken into the right account.


> Well we should be careful this list doesn't become known as haven for
> supporters of old dead technologies. Today a Newton fan crying over the
> loss of what he thinks is the worlds most incredible handheld toolkit,
> tomorrow someone mailing about how incredible the N770 would be using
> the Amiga workbench

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