[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] N800 Developer Device program: European discountcodes sent

From: Israel Herraiz israel.herraiz at urjc.es
Date: Tue Jan 23 10:11:02 EET 2007
Hi all,

On Tuesday 23 January 2007 06:45, Quim Gil wrote:
> Important tip to those contacting us aiming to get a discount code in
> the final wave: the less we know you the more you should explain. The
> final wave is primarily for recovering contact details of contributors
> that we imperfect humans have missed.

my name is Israel Herraiz and although I am not developer, I maintain a blog 
[1] that is in Planet Maemo. I have been "playing" with the 770 since it was 
released to the general public, developing "tricks" and howtos in my blog.

Although I have to admit that the activity in my blog have decreased in the 
last months, I would like to apply for a discount code for the new N800.

Some of the most visited entries in my blog are the following:
 * Surfing Internet without a wireless access point [2]
 * Bluetooth keyboards for the 770 [3]
 * Adding swap and adding a menu entry to activetate it [4] (this was of 
course before that option was available in the control panel)
 * Brick-to-Brick networking (and how to set up a SSH sever and root access) 
 * wxWidgets and wxPython almost hildonized [6]
 * Non-HID bluetooth keyboards working! [7] (unfortunately, I own a keyboard 
which is not HID, and it is not that easy to get it working with the 770)
 * Testing certificates with the browser and email application [8]
 * Compiling and testing Ekiga [9]

Sorry for this "spam-like" message.


[1] http://n770.herraiz.org
[2] http://n770.herraiz.org/archives/5
[3] http://n770.herraiz.org/archives/3
[4] http://n770.herraiz.org/archives/15
[5] http://n770.herraiz.org/archives/4
[6] http://n770.herraiz.org/archives/18
[7] http://n770.herraiz.org/archives/14
[8] http://n770.herraiz.org/archives/19
[9] http://n770.herraiz.org/archives/27

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