[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] N800 Developer Device program: European discount codes sent

From: Thijs Vermeir thijs.vermeir at barco.com
Date: Tue Jan 23 11:26:13 EET 2007
> Important tip to those contacting us aiming to get a discount code in
> the final wave: the less we know you the more you should explain. The
> final wave is primarily for recovering contact details of contributors
> that we imperfect humans have missed.


I'm an embedded firmware engineer specialized in streaming video.
Some specs of me are:
- TI DSP developer
- knowledge of video compression
- Contributions to Ffmpeg and GStreamer.
- knowledge of embedded optimalizations.
- knowledge of the RTP/RTSP/RTCP and other types of handling streaming media.
- Gnome developer

So, my contributions on the maemo platform will be on the video
playback/handling support and optimalization.

thijsvermeir at gmail.com

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