[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Please enlighten me about the DSP

From: Rene Jensen centipede at takhis.net
Date: Tue Jan 23 11:26:51 EET 2007
Hi all! Soon I will receive my first Internet Tablet, N800.

But already now, the notion of being able to write 3D and media 
processing code and games using the DSP (if necessary - I have never 
done that before) has me intrigued. Questions arise, which seems hard to 
answer through searching on maemo.org:

1) According to TI, the Omap2420 has a lot of extra functionality... 

Will all that energy be functional in my N800, or did Nokia remove some 
of the features to save power? I never expected the thing to be able to 
do anything besides browsing.

2) I can't find any specific documentation about DSP-programming neither 
here nor on TI's own site. Didn't TI used to have open specs for all 
their chips? Confused...

3) Will OpenGL ES arrive anytime soon? If so, will it be the Fixed or 
the Functional Pipeline profile? Guess the last question is another way 
to ask what features the 2D/3D accelerator has.
I know Nokia has released phones for Symbian with OpenGL ES support 
before, so I guess they have the code lying somewhere.

But in case you don't, Nokia: I have written a 3D engine before (in C++, 
later ported to Java and used with a couple of small companies). If I 
can be of any assistance, don't hesitate to say so. I have done some 
assembler before in my youth.

Regards, Rene Jensen

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