[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Emacs work: porting to Maemo

From: Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Wed Jan 24 22:16:20 EET 2007

> My questions:
> 1) does anyone have suggestions on this?  I'm far from experienced
> with X and GTK, and would appreciate any help at all.  I'd be happier
> concentrating on Emacs packaging, writing site-init scripts, etc.  If
> the Hildon experts could look at it, I'd be very relieved.

Yes, it is possible to add support for the virtual keyboard for X11
applications not using Gtk. All you need is access to the X11 main event
loop (you must be able to evaluate XClientMessages) and an application
call back that calls you every time the application demands keyboard
input (open virtual keyboard) and want to loose keyboard input (close
virtual keyboard). The quoted code already contains the necessary
code you retrieve keyboard input what seems to be missing is code
to trigger the opening and closing which you can find in my code.

I havn't found out all of the functionalities but current code is enough
to get things working.

See http://www.anderenen.de/anderenende/maemo.html for more information
and ask me for details if you have problems with the code.

> 3) how do I add the symbols to the key event loop?  Right now, only
> ASCII (7bit) makes it through, I think.

The virtual keyboard input is UTF8. So that is not a problem of the
virtual keyboard.

Btw., other are right that there better editors to port for such a
device but that is your decision ;-)


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