[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] OS 2007 / 770 hacker edition

From: Carlos Guerreiro carlos.guerreiro at nokia.com
Date: Thu Jan 25 17:59:28 EET 2007
>> An image will be available soon for download and flashing, to 770 
>> users only.
> I guess including some sources - kernel at least (I am interested and 
> maybe could even help) or all modified packages.
Yes, we'll include the sources / patches to all open source packages 
that need to be modified, including the kernel.
>> After that, Maemo developers with a 770 and a bit of time on their 
>> hands are encouraged to check it out.
> I will and definitely try to help if possible. Few questions/ideas:
> Did you try to leave old kernel from 2.2006 and backport changes 
> needed (if any) from rx-34 kernel? Seems easier than using rx-34 
> kernel directly (arch/arm/omap1/ is outdated). What newer kernel gives 
> us?
If I remember correctly Markku considered this at some point. Markku?
> Same for initfs, what does break, dsme,bme? Thanks for the toolchain 
> name, I had to build static version of evkey for bootmenu since I 
> couldn't find correct uclibc toolchain. there is 'We used rx-34-initfs 
> from apt-repository as a base' where is this, something internal?
>> We will work on this still for some time though it is hard to say how 
>> long. It will also depend on how this is received. It might be that 
>> we can get more of the DSP and Multimedia to work, or maybe not.
> Could leaving old kernel, dspgateway, dsp_dld and all n770 codecs help 
> with this? Updated gstreamer could be nice, though. Maybe some fixes 
> in newer gst dsp plugins to make it work with older DSP stuff can make 
> this possible?
Probably. I had a chat a couple of days with Makoto and Andrea and they 
proposed keeping the OS 2006 DSP subsystem.
Not sure about the kernel though, it might cause help work elsewhere.
>> We can’t justify doing much work on this hybrid, our development 
>> focus is really on the N800. However, if we manage to make further 
>> progress we will release updated images. We’ll look at any patches 
>> that people in the Maemo community might turn up and consider 
>> applying them and releasing new images. We can’t promise we will do a 
>> good job there but let’s see what we can manage.
> Well I think community can (in theory) keep working on this and 
> continue  as long as is needed. What is not clear is how far we can go 
> without those few but important closed bits (initfs - dsme/bme, config 
> partition format, cal-tool etc., dsp stuff) and implications they have 
> on the rest.
Yeah. This will be interesting to see.
>> This is again, something new for us, and we hope to learn something 
>> in the process.
> Yes, at least it can be another push to opensource something needed 
> for this or reveal how far we can go without it. I am pleasantly 
> surprised by the progress so far.
It should help us refine our understanding of the trade-offs we are 
making when deciding to open/closed something


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