[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] OS 2007 / 770 hacker edition

From: Vire Markku Markku.Vire at movial.fi
Date: Fri Jan 26 11:21:24 EET 2007

I have not measured, but currently OS2007 feels somewhat slower than 2006.
But this can simply be because currently most binaries are the same that
are used for N800. So, recompiling the whole stack with different
optimizations is likely to give us some speed bonus... But that may wait
until we know what we can get to work. Currently packages that have not
worked out-of-the-box are recompiled/reconfigured when encountered. This
work is still going on.


> first of all thanks for the engineering version - at least some of us
> here will not find ourselves abandoned. :)
> my first concern is - performance... would the OS2007 for 770 work
> sacrificing speed and stability? or it can work with OS2007 software
> at the OS2006 speed? Since N800 has better hardware spec, it might be
> possible that OS2007 will work on 770 ultimately, but not as smooth as
> how OS2006 does on 770.
> thanks.
> regards,
> wahlau

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