[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] OS 2007 / 770 hacker edition

From: Vire Markku Markku.Vire at movial.fi
Date: Fri Jan 26 11:40:53 EET 2007

>>> After that, Maemo developers with a 770 and a bit of time on their
>>> hands are encouraged to check it out.
>> I will and definitely try to help if possible. Few questions/ideas:
>> Did you try to leave old kernel from 2.2006 and backport changes
>> needed (if any) from rx-34 kernel? Seems easier than using rx-34
>> kernel directly (arch/arm/omap1/ is outdated). What newer kernel gives
>> us?
> If I remember correctly Markku considered this at some point. Markku?

I first tried to keep the old kernel and initfs and just hack the rootfs.
I cannot say if this way would have been better (and what kind of problems
we would have encountered), but anyway we decided to move to the same
kernel than used in N800.

Yeah, omap1 sections from rx-34 kernel seem to be something pretty weird
(old?). The current kernel that I use is a strange combination of rx-34
kernel, "official" omap-patched 2.6.18 kernel (from muru.com) and old
2.6.16 kernel from the latest 770 release.

>> Same for initfs, what does break, dsme,bme? Thanks for the toolchain
>> name, I had to build static version of evkey for bootmenu since I
>> couldn't find correct uclibc toolchain. there is 'We used rx-34-initfs
>> from apt-repository as a base' where is this, something internal?

At least I didn't detect any (too bad) problems with either dsme or bme.
The things that needed to be replaced, were:

  * uclibc needed to be recompiled, since it used VFP.
  * Kernel modules needed to be replaced. Proprietary ones (WLAN),
    needed linking against different binary blob.
  * firmware files needed to be copied from old 770.

>>> We will work on this still for some time though it is hard to say how
>>> long. It will also depend on how this is received. It might be that
>>> we can get more of the DSP and Multimedia to work, or maybe not.
>> Could leaving old kernel, dspgateway, dsp_dld and all n770 codecs help
>> with this? Updated gstreamer could be nice, though. Maybe some fixes
>> in newer gst dsp plugins to make it work with older DSP stuff can make
>> this possible?
> Probably. I had a chat a couple of days with Makoto and Andrea and they
> proposed keeping the OS 2006 DSP subsystem.
> Not sure about the kernel though, it might cause help work elsewhere.

dspctl and dsp_dld itself seem to work nicely. And all DSP side modules
that I have used (avs_kernel* and the modules/ directory contents) are
directly from 770. The problems with DSP that I have encountered have been
kernel-related (or actually rx-34 kernel related). Public omap-sources
work much better (as I learned the hard way...)


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