[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] /usr/bin/metalayer-crawler eats my CPU

From: william maddler news at maddler.net
Date: Sat Jan 27 16:45:09 EET 2007
Yes, but my question is: is it really ok to have the whola filesystem
being indexed? That could be fine with the default 128MB card. But with
4GB and (maybe) 8GB arriving?
Being able to see which directories need to be monitored would be ok. I
mean, I'm never going to put my media files in /etc or /usr and so on.
Having only /home/user/MyDocs indexed would be enough IMHO.

Larry Battraw wrote:
>  From a xterm/ssh login session you can find out what it's indexing
> which is taking so long.  First install sqlite3:
> sudo gainroot
> apt-get install sqlite3
> Then run a query to see what's in the metadata table:
> cd ~user
> sqlite3 .meta_storage "select filename from metadata"
> That should give you a list of all the files it's indexed so far.  You
> can always move or remove the .meta_storage file to see if that helps.
> If you try that you probably will want to restart the crawler daemon:
> sudo gainroot
> /etc/init.d/metalayer-crawler0 restart
> HTH-
> Larry
> On 1/27/07, Collin R. Mulliner <collin at betaversion.net> wrote:
>> "/usr/bin/metalayer-crawler -F" is at 90% cpu
>> I guess it indexes my SD cards, how can I stop it?
>> thanks ... Collin
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