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From: Mathias Uebelacker m.uebelacker at googlemail.com
Date: Sat Jan 27 19:47:03 EET 2007
Hello Alvaro,

here are thel link to the hildon python API:


The line break should be no probl. If is it a probl. send me a mail an i
send you the correct file.


2007/1/27, Álvaro J. Iradier <airadier at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I'm developing some python applications for Nokia 770, and I think
> documentation is not as good as I expected.
> 1) First, the code in the python tutorial in here:
> http://www.maemo.org/platform/docs/pymaemo/python_maemo_howto.html
> is quite unreadable. There are no line breaks
> 2) I couldn't find docs for the Python Hildon API, but I looked at the
> maemo hildon API for C, it should be enough:
> https://stage.maemo.org/svn/maemo/projects/haf/doc/api/hildon-libs/index.html
> If I look at the HildonWindow entry, I can see some functions for it.
> However, it looks like HildonWindow inherits from another widget (I
> guess it's GtkContainer?) so there are other methods, like add(). I
> can't see this relationship anywhere, just in the example in python
> tutorial. The Object Hierarchy is empty.
> Other entries, like  API documentation control panel, status bar and
> home applets are empty too:
> http://www.maemo.org/platform/docs/api/maemo-af-desktop-sdk-doc/index.html
> (is this available in Python, by the way).
> 3) I know 'help' command is not available in python for 770, but there
> should be another version for scratchbox with 'help' available. It
> would be very useful! Maybe it is already available and I missed it?
> Thanks very much!
> --
> (:===========================================:)
>   Alvaro J. Iradier Muro - airadier at gmail.com
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