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From: Jose Antonio Vico manchegox at gmail.com
Date: Sat Jan 27 21:17:24 EET 2007

I take to enough time translating the news on Nokia 770 and of Maemo.org. I
have a company dedicated to the Free Software, in which we programmed
solutions for third.

We would like to adapt them to new Nokia 800. If these portable solutions
work and give good result, surely the sales of Nokia for model 800 and 770
would increase a little but.

As cradles in GPL are logical these applications when being, they estarian
available for the community of free software. We programmed in C, C, Python,
Perl, PHP. We hoped to be able to accede to I cosay of discount to be able
to prove new Nokia 800.


My private E-Mail is vico at manchegox.org. My name is Jose Antonio Vico

Thanks in advance :-)

MANCHEGOX - Grupo de Usuarios de Castilla-La Mancha de Software Libre
Lista de Correo: https://listas.hispalinux.es/mailman/listinfo/manchegox
Blog - http://www.vicosoft.org/blog/
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