[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] VMWare Appliance (pCPU versus vCPU featureset mismatches)

From: Jason Mills jmills at vmware.com
Date: Sun Jan 28 15:15:20 EET 2007
I'll keep an eye on this issue especially with the possibility of lower end
systems being resurrected to run a single or pair of small current-era
virtual machines.
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This is a kernel issue with Ubuntu 6.10 running on M, C3 and some other
processors. I have a laptop with an M here. If I have some time this weekend
I will try do a custom kernel as a boot option and hopefully that fixes it.

"This is because the 2.6.17-10-server kernel is compiled with HIGHMEM64G
support, which requires PAE, but the Via C3 processor used on most Epias does
not support PAE. You will have to use a kernel without HIGHMEM64G support
(HIGHMEM4G will work, as will NOHIGHMEM).

The same problem occurs on certain Pentium M CPUs. Most other CPUs since
Pentium Pro support PAE."


On 1/27/07, Mathias Uebelacker <m.uebelacker at googlemail.com> wrote: 

	Hello everybody,
	i try VMWare Appliance and after the installation and start the
VMWare Player i get an error:
	unkown interrupt or fault at EIP xxx
	any ideas was went wrong.
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