[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: Sending mail from console

From: Michael Kleinhenz michael at kleinhenz.net
Date: Tue Jan 30 17:00:06 EET 2007
>> If I put a mail into apps/email/Mail/Outbox/ using a reengineered
>> filename (something like "accountname^Outbox^msgid"), the mail is
>> _sometimes_ delivered when calling send_and_receive, but not always.
>> Sometimes the mail is set on hold: I can see it in the Outbox folder of
>> osso-email but I have to manually force the send using the "send" button.
> You could write the file in text editor, add headers and send it,
> if I'm not wrong in this case. Also, login into your smtp server,
> write the letter and let the server do the rest.

Sure, I could use a small smtp gateway server that could deliver an
email to a remote smtp service, but I want to use the offline spool
function of osso-email - I would like the email to be spooled until
network connectivity is restored.

Installing a full-blown mta like postfix just for store-and-deliver
operation seems too bloated to me.

can anyone explain the meaning of cache.xml and cache.xml0 in the Outbox
folder or is there some documentation about it?


Michael Kleinhenz

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