[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Creating themes for Maemo

From: Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com
Date: Wed Jan 31 19:18:01 EET 2007

>1) Install the hildon-theme-tools
>2) Install the hildon-theme-layout-3 (that's the bora layout)
>3) Copy the hlidon-theme-plankton-3 to your own dir, replace 
>some names 
>   in configure.ac (they're documented in the file)
>4) Replace the template.png with your own. 

Well, I tried to modify the plankton theme.
I tried to compile the package, but the new plankton theme depends on
I didn't find it from the repositories.

I have both bora and sardine repositories in my scratchbox's
Where can I find hildon-theme-layout-4?

Best Wishes,

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