[maemo-developers] 419 scams using my Maemo Bugzilla email address

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Thu Jul 5 01:59:58 EEST 2007
Quim Gil wrote:
> Hi, did you get more scams of these?
> Apparently that was a dark weekend in terms of spam, everybody got lots
> from many places.
> In the meantime we have also improved a couple of details that might
> have let spambots to sniff some email addresses. If you still find holes
> please submit them as bugs.

Quim - many thanks to you and the guys for the latest Bugzilla updates[1] which should address the privacy issues while still allowing anonymous access to Bugzilla!

1. http://maemo.org/news/view/1183519122.html

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