[maemo-developers] Wish list request for DSP EAP_* function header/information

From: Simon Pickering S.G.Pickering at bath.ac.uk
Date: Thu Jul 5 13:25:06 EEST 2007
Hi Quim,

I notice that my request hasn't been added to the wish list. I thought my
bugzilla entry and email would convey enough information to make this a valid
request. Do I need to do more? 

I'm not sure of the usual timeline from request to wish list addition and if I'm
simply being impatient then please tell me so. So, does the lack of a
reply/entry in the wish list mean that:

A) no-one's had time to add it yet, but the data will be available;
B) It's not possible to release the requested information;
C) It's still being looked into it;
D) No-one's started looking at this yet.



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> Subject: Wish list request for DSP EAP_* function header/information
> Hello all,
> I've added this as a bug as it says on the Roadmap/wish list 
> page (BUG #1592).
> I'd like to add to the wish list my wish for a header file 
> listing the EAP_*
> (and any other) functions which wrap the audio codec driver 
> and are contained in
> the avs_kernel.out (DSP kernel). It would also be nice to 
> have either some
> example code or some explanation of each function, though not 
> essential.
> This would allow us to write code to use the audio output 
> (input?) capabilities
> of the N800 (and probably 770) and allow people to hack at 
> writing more dsp
> sinks for various music/sound formats (e.g. OGG, DTMF, G.729, etc.)
> Thanks,
> Simon
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