[maemo-developers] maemo wiki survey

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Thu Jul 5 22:55:58 EEST 2007
Quim Gil wrote:
> Dear maemo contributors, can you please answer these questions?
> - What do you think about the current wiki tool at
> http://maemo.org/community/wiki (leaving content aside) ?


> - Are you using it? Did you use the previous one?

I am using it far less then previous one both for reading and editing.

> - Mention good things / bad things of the current wiki (and what would
> you do).

I understand the need for better CMS system for whole site but still 
feature-wise the new wiki is IMO big step back from old one in all aspects.

Please add recent changes for whole wiki and also wiki search. Both 
features are invaluable for examining wiki content. Without those two 
features I am completely lost. Now the only way how to examine the wiki 
is the worst one - traversing links from front page. Yuck! This is not 
ideal for wiki at all due to its chaotic nature and notoriously bad 

Please add anonymous editing. There was discussion about this in the 
list, I think at that time there was general consensus that anonymous 
editing is quite important and then you took this feature away.

Please make wiki easier to edit (less steps, less fancy stuff). The old 
way with preview and textbox on same page was easy, fast and was even 
usable from the device itself.


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