[maemo-developers] send data to bluetooth printer via SPP

From: maemo at komarov.info maemo at komarov.info
Date: Thu Jul 12 13:46:46 EEST 2007
I try to use blueZ- components installed on an N800 device 
to send data (escape-sequences) to my bluetooth-enabled 
inkjet printer (it also supports PCL).

First of all, I assured that the printer is visible from 
I perform 'hcitool scan --scan' under root console and see 
this printer with its BD address, name, and class.

I found a code example (in Python, here: 
http://wiki.bluez.org/wiki/HOWTO/SerialConnections) that 
allows communicate to the printer using SPP. I have Python 
installed, so I run the example script (I called file 
dbus.py) and receive error:

File "./dbus.py", line 3, in <module>
import dbus
File "/media/mmc1/dbus.py", line 7, in <module>
bus= dbus.SystemBus()
AttributeError: 'module' has no attribute 'SYstem.Bus'

Does anyone have idea what it means, and what to try as a 

Maybe there are other ways to send raw data to any 
bluetooth device?

Best regards,
  Nikolay Komarov

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