[maemo-developers] Internet Tablet Power Management presentation from linux-pm summit 2007

From: Brian Waite linwoes at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jul 12 17:21:57 EEST 2007
On Thursday 12 July 2007, Igor Stoppa wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-07-12 at 08:48 -0400, ext Brian Waite wrote:
> [snip]
> > So I have another request, Can we possibly have different profiles for
> > battery/powered? I think it is really important to be able to say if I am
> > plugged in do not go offline because I want to get my VOIP calls, but if
> > I am on battery do something more miserly. Again, we have the profiles
> > already, I would just like to be able to use different profies for
> > different power conditions.
> We are shipting in the metaphisical field of centralised vs. distributed
> control.
> What you are asking for is certainly doable for a device meant to run
> few well known applications, like a phone.
> On a tablet it seems cleaner to just broadcast the plugged/unplugged
> event and let the apps deal with it by themselves.
> You are proposing something similar to screen timeout on a laptop, that
> can be set separately depending on presence of external power.

What I am asking for is a setup like my laptop where I have a complete power 
profile for the system. 
Let me give a few use cases 
Case 1:
I carry my tablet in my pocket. (On battery) 
Basically I turn it on, look at something put it away.

* Screen dim 15 sconds
* Screen Off 30 seconds
* Offline 30 minutes

Case 2:
I get to office, plug it in.
I want to keep My Google chat and Voip active on the tablet. 
I use a personal calendar on the tablet I want to watch
I retrieve my personal email to the tablet and want to monitor  it.
I use a BT keyboard to stay in touch via the tablet
I stream internet radio thru it.
* Screen dim 15 minutes
* Screen off Never
* Offline never

Those are the ways I want to be able to configure my tablet to run. Right now 
I carry itr all the time and use it away from the computer, but I rarley use 
it at the office becuse I have to "keep it alive"

I realize this might be a bit out of scope, but I am not really sure it neds 
to be. I have been mulling about this long enough I thghout I would semi 
hijack a thread related to PM.


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