[maemo-developers] Internet Tablet Power Management presentation from linux-pm summit 2007

From: Igor Stoppa igor.stoppa at nokia.com
Date: Fri Jul 13 11:15:30 EEST 2007
On Wed, 2007-07-11 at 05:35 -0700, ext Andy Mulhearn wrote:
> Apart from shutting off the sound thing thsi looks like a N770 cover on mode. Is that about right?
> Even if it's not, it's one I would like to have as well - as a "put away for a while" mode,

I understand the need, but there are so many different (and rightful)
opinions that rather than changing the standard interface, I'd like to
have a cusomisation interface for system-level features plus let
applications have their own local settings for certain standard dbus

Then everyone can configure things to his heart content and we don't
impose our opinion on anybody.

Cheers, Igor

Igor Stoppa <igor.stoppa at nokia.com>
(Nokia Multimedia - CP - OSSO / Helsinki, Finland)

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