[maemo-developers] Einstein (Newton Emulator) port to the N800; and it's gone open source

From: Sean Luke sean at cs.gmu.edu
Date: Sat Jul 14 00:09:02 EEST 2007
Einstein is an emulator of the Newton MessagePad by Paul Guyot.  Some  
items of interest to the list:

1. Paul has a working port of Einstein to the N800; I have verified  
it on my own box.  The port is unfortunately too slow to use at the  
moment: it's unoptimized and typically takes 30 seconds to respond to  
a single pen event.  But it runs!

2. Einstein has gone open source.  Paul has posted the complete code  
and some documentation on Google Code here:

3. The build instructions for the N800 are here:
	[ see also http://code.google.com/p/einstein/wiki/BuildInstructions ]

I'm hoping to solicit some eager maemo volunteers on what could bring  
a *very* large number of new applications to the 770 and N800 (and a  
fun environment).  At this stage the project needs three things,  
which I think volunteers from the maemo side could help with a lot:

A. N800-specific optimization, to get the emulator to a usable  
speed.  It'll have to be 30x faster right now.

B. Native assembly code execution, so we don't have to emulate an ARM  
on an ARM :-).  This is ultimately fairly important for the emulator  
to be useful on the device.  Paul tells me he's got hooks for this  
but there's some work to be done there.

C. Maemo packaging; full-screen mode, use of the keyboard and various  
underlying services (tcp, dbus, etc.), a debian install package and  
simpler install mechanism.


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