[maemo-developers] Some weird questions about speech2text, text2speech, GPS ...

From: Marco Solari marco.solari at koinesistemi.it
Date: Mon Jul 16 13:36:28 EEST 2007
Hi, everybody !
I'm new on this list, so be patient, please ... ;-)
I would like to know if there is any project active on the Nokia platform to
 - speech to text (voice synthesis)
 - text to speech (vocal commands)
 - GPS receiver direct interface (some kind of driver to allow a direct
reading from GPS receiver output, ie: current point in space, velocity,
direction ...).

I am currently evaluating the porting to the ARM architecture of open-source
projects 'rsynth' and 'festival' for text2speech, and 'pockesphinx' for
speech2text ...
I would also like to have some feedback about the feasibility and usability
of adaptive technology features like speech2text and text2speech on the
current HW platform (N800).

Thanks in advance for Your attention.


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