[maemo-developers] ANNOUNCE: Internet Communications Software Update for N800

From: Naba Kumar naba.kumar at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jul 16 17:08:56 EEST 2007
Hi all,

Nokia OSSO happily announces the release of the 'Internet Communications
Software development update' for Maemo. This update brings you the
latest developments in Internet messaging and call on Nokia n800 device
destined for next Internet Tablet OS release.

This release is a beta release and therefore may not be suitable for
serious personal use. However, if you are interested in helping improve
it, the update should be fairly usable and we encourage to try it.

What is it?
Internet Communications Software is a subsystem in Internet tablet OS
2007, running on Nokia n800 device, that handles presence, chat, voip
and video call. It is based on Telepathy framework and components as
explained at http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/

What is new?
Number of things have improved since the last public update (Internet
tablet OS 2007). Following are some of them:

SIP support

     * Basic one-to-one VoIP calls
     * Messaging (using the MESSAGE method of SIMPLE).
     * Video call between two N800 devices.
     * NAT traversal using STUN.

XMPP support enhancements

     * Avatars support
     * Presence status message
     * Google Talk relay support

User interface updates

     * Updates in the Internet call UI
     * Updates in the Chat UI
     * Updates in the Account configuration UI
     * Updates in the Addressbook UI

New APIs

     * Telepathy
     * Mission Control
     * Accounts
     * Telepathy-glib

Download and screenshots

Open the download link in n800 browser and go to install section

Following packages are updated in the release:

libtelepathy                 0.0.55-0osso3
telepathy-gabble             0.5.12-0osso4
telepathy-mission-control    4.26-1beta2
telepathy-stream-engine      0.3.23-0osso2.2
telepathy-sofiasip           0.3.25-0osso1
telepathy-glib               0.5.13-0osso2
telepathy-feed               0.26-1
sofia-sip                    1.12.6-0osso4
eds-sync                     2.20070706
galago-daemon                0.5.1-0osso2
libgalago                    0.5.2-0osso5
farsight                     0.1.21-0osso1.9
gst-plugins-farsight         0.12.2-0osso1.7
libscw                       0.4.6-1osso109
loudmouth                    1.3.1-0osso3
libjingle                    0.3.11-0osso3

libosso-rtcom                2.0.12-1beta1
libimlogger                  0.6-1
osso-mission-control         2.29-1beta
osso-accounts                3.13-1beta9
osso-rtcom-icons             0.0.1
osso-addressbook             2.20070706-beta5
osso-applet-presence         2.0.3-1beta
osso-statusbar-presence      2.0.13-1beta3
osso-contact-plugin          2.0.9-1beta1
osso-chat-ui                 2.0.28-1beta1
osso-voip-ui                 2.0.42-1beta5

     * Helps are missing
     * It only speaks English
     * Theming is missing (only default one is supported)

     * Calls fail to establish media streams when the device is behind a
symmetric NAT and the proxies do not deploy transparent media relaying.
     * Calls forked to multiple endpoints may fail to establish media
     * Video is not interoperable with other implementations.
     * DTMF (RFC4733) is not reliable

You are welcome to give your feedback on this software to:

     * maemo-devel mailing list: maemo-developers at maemo.org
     * Maemo bugzilla, RTCom component: http://bugzilla.maemo.org/
     * Rtcomm mailing address: rtcomm at maemo.org

Thanks and enjoy!

- Real time communications team, Maemo

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