[maemo-developers] Sardine device upgrade failing for days now

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jul 16 17:34:45 EEST 2007
"ext Neil MacLeod" <gmane at nmacleod.com> writes:

> True, but it's been failing on every occasion I've tried to upgrade
> in the past two weeks now (maybe 7 or 8 seperate days during that
> period?)

Yes, but only for you. :-)

> Prior to the upgrade, my /var/run on the SD card is as follows:
> 	lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            9 Jul 16 14:35 /var/run -> /tmp/.run


I can reproduce your problem this way:

   # mv /tmp/.run /tmp/.run2
   # apt-get --reinstall install dbus
   dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/dbus_1.0.2-0osso8_armel.deb (--unpack):
   trying to overwrite `/var/run', which is also in package ssh

So, I conclude that something is wrong with your /tmp/.run and dpkg
just gets cnfused about whether /var/run is a directory or not and
singling out ssh as the culprit by chance.

Can you debug the issues with /var/run a bit on your side?

> Are these repositories/commands still correct?

They are correct, but the following should be better:

   deb http://repository.maemo.org/sardine unstable main non-free

   # apt-get upgrade
   # apt-get install hildon-application-framework
   # apt-get upgrade

> The Wiki[1] seems to have a mistake in step 1.5 of the device
> upgrade where it recommends that sources.list should contain
> 	deb  unstable main non-free

Some wiki markup problem, I'll check.

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