[maemo-developers] ANNOUNCE: Internet Communications Software Update for N800

From: Dmitry Rozhkov dmitry.1.rozhkov at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jul 17 11:01:03 EEST 2007

Actually, this is not bug. Apparently the guys who report this problem 
have also installed additional beta software which is not compatible 
with this update. And I suspect that it could be some packages from the
OpenedHand repository, i.e. 'contacts' which depends on 
*/evolution-data-server (= through libebook. But the package
evolution-data-server is deprecated in the upcoming release in favor of 
So in order to try the update it would be more safer to flash the official
4.2007.26-8 image and to install the update on top of this clean image.


Quim Gil *<quim.gil at nokia.com <https://lists.maemo.org/mailman/listinfo/maemo-developers>> wrote:

> Hi, I just talked to Naba, currently offline. This issue is known and
> confirmed now. It is caused by a last minute change. We can't fix it
> tonight but we hope to fix it tomorrow morning asap.

> As you see this is really software under development, fresh meat
> released publicly to be shared with other developers. Please be cautious
> when recommending this update to end users because this is not even a
> beta release as Nokia understands beta releases (of end user products).

> Thanks for your understanding. Sorry for this bug, but at least you got
> the news today. More news to come soon (and if you happen to be in
> GUADEC come and meet the developers).

>/ > Unable to install osso-rtcom-beta
/>/ > Application pacakges missing: evolution-data-server (=

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