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From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jul 17 11:56:32 EEST 2007
Thanks Dmitry for the precision.

I have just published the announcement in maemo.org:

SIP support and more in the Internet communications software update for

Can you check that there are not problem downloading the packages? It
seems some users are getting problems just trying to download the
software (while others and ourselves have no problems, weird).

Let me add a message for those of you active in ITT, personal blogs and

In this case (and in any release we make of software under development)
we encourage you to use the bugzilla component to file any bugs or
issues, and this list for developers to comment any other issues. The
developers of these releases are watching these reports and this list,
and they answer asap. 

It is not an usual practice at Nokia to release software under
development. We are doing this (and we want to do it more) to get deeper
in the basic open source development rules: release soon & release

But as you know Nokia is a strong brand related to finished end user
products. We might be questioned if releasing software under development
causes indirectly confusion among Nokia customers (aka end users)
rushing to install software provided by Nokia that doesn't work as they
expect, or even breaks. And perhaps the problems are not even caused by
Nokia but by other factors, usual issues of R&D mode like conflict of
dependencies with 3rd party beta software (as it looks like it's the
case of the issue found yesterday by some users right after the
announcement). End users read the issues but perhaps not the solution
and explanation given 24h later, and in the meantime Nokia and the
Internet Tablets have lost some points from their point of view. This
might be expensive in the league Nokia is playing, where 'open source
development' is not a key element at all, and it is probably not even
quite understood.

This is why we want to keep any unstable release under the maemo scope,
and this is why you will see that in our announcements we won't save
occasions to state that this software is "under development", "for
developers", etc, even if it basically works. So please distribute the
information as much as you want (we are really thankful about this) but
insist as well on the target audience of the new software to avoid
confusion and frustrated expectations. 

Thank you very much.


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>Actually, this is not bug. Apparently the guys who report this 
>problem have also installed additional beta software which is 
>not compatible with this update. And I suspect that it could 
>be some packages from the OpenedHand repository, i.e. 
>'contacts' which depends on */evolution-data-server 
>(= through libebook. But the package 
>evolution-data-server is deprecated in the upcoming release in 
>favor of evolution-data-server-addressbook.
>So in order to try the update it would be more safer to flash 
>the official
>4.2007.26-8 image and to install the update on top of this clean image.
>Quim Gil *<quim.gil at nokia.com 
><https://lists.maemo.org/mailman/listinfo/maemo-developers>> wrote:
>> Hi, I just talked to Naba, currently offline. This issue is 
>known and 
>> confirmed now. It is caused by a last minute change. We can't fix it 
>> tonight but we hope to fix it tomorrow morning asap.
>> As you see this is really software under development, fresh meat 
>> released publicly to be shared with other developers. Please be 
>> cautious when recommending this update to end users because this is 
>> not even a beta release as Nokia understands beta releases 
>(of end user products).
>> Thanks for your understanding. Sorry for this bug, but at least you 
>> got the news today. More news to come soon (and if you 
>happen to be in 
>> GUADEC come and meet the developers).
>>/ > Unable to install osso-rtcom-beta
>/>/ > Application pacakges missing: evolution-data-server 
>(= /
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