[maemo-developers] ANNOUNCE: maemo 3.1 installer update

From: Janne Johansson ext-janne.p.johansson at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jul 17 17:06:19 EEST 2007
The maemo 3.1 Bora scratchbox and SDK installer scripts have been
updated. Basically this has been done to install the latest scratchbox
packages with sightly different set of devkits and to properly set up
the SDK in the new environment.

A new scratchbox installation will support maemo 4.0 Public Alpha SDK
(and later) in addition to the maemo 3.x environment.

People currently only interested in 3.x development don't have to take
any action. 

New installations should use the updated scripts.

For (slightly) more information, see:


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