[maemo-developers] Mozilla based browser + brief GUADEC recap

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jul 17 22:41:18 EEST 2007
For you to enjoy (and as some of you already know):

Mozilla based browser engine available for testing


This was announced today in Ari's keynote and then Leonid from the
browser team gave a presentation providing all the technical details (we
will upload soon all the presentations we are having at GUADEC).

In between Dirk-Jan introduced the Modest email client project and its
current status. No binaries to download yet but it is functional and you
can either compile it or wait a bit more. Dirk-Jan commented that
perhaps it will end up in Sardine.

Anyway, in the last 24h we have shown three important pieces of the
maemo platform that had attracted a lot of comments and discussion:
browser, email client and SIP connector (+ other real time communication
enhancements). Three projects based on open source code and
collaboration model, developed openly now with functional versions ready
to be tested and improved until reaching final product quality.

In the meantime Hildon is making big steps in its way to GNOME upstream
and we have published an alpha SDK release to showcase its API changes.

We hope you enjoy the first impressions of the Chinook wind... What we
are completing during GUADEC is not an Internet Tablet OS release but it
implies also a lot of work done not only to provide better software but
also to do it in the open source way.

I don't do this much, but let me applaude the work of the teams involved
and let me also wish them the best in their new or reshaped relationship
with the community (aka you). We are Nokia but they are just people, and
I can tell they have put a lot of effort and passion to bring the most
exiciting results of their work.

PS: don't worry, we don't forget all the rest of things that can be
still improved. You have seen now some of the wheels that were moving,
there are still some moving and some will start moving once the Summer
is left behind. We keep listening and learning.

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