[maemo-developers] Java acceleration/Jazelle

From: Igor Stoppa igor.stoppa at nokia.com
Date: Wed Jul 18 14:37:24 EEST 2007
On Wed, 2007-07-18 at 11:01 +0100, ext Simon Pickering wrote:

> Yes, in an ideal world this would be nice, but I'm doing okay with ssh/sftp over
> wifi for the time being. Out of interest, does the N800 actually have solder
> points for a serial port at some known location?

There are websites, such as mobilchips that distribute schematics and
assembly instructions for phones and other devices. They haven't managed
to get an N800 manual, but they have the 770 one.

I don't know how legal it is for them to distribute such documents and
for people to download them, so this is _not_ a written permission or
anything similar, just a comment.

Cheers, Igor

Igor Stoppa <igor.stoppa at nokia.com>
(Nokia Multimedia - CP - OSSO / Helsinki, Finland)

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