[maemo-developers] Java acceleration/Jazelle

From: Brian Waite linwoes at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jul 18 16:37:43 EEST 2007
> A couple thoughts from a former hardware hacker here: first, serial
> ports are your friend so if you can find a sacrificial device that has
> a cracked screen or some other serious but non- life-threatening
> defect you should probably invest in a level-shifter chip and a DB-9
> connector (and some soldering cleverness) to be able to communicate
> through the serial port.  
Serial port will make life MUCH better!

Serial (and USB ) PDA cables have level shifter built in usually. Just snip 
the PDA connector off and figure out the wires (I am sure google is your 
> Sending bytes back and forth that way is 
> trivial and will allow you to seriously goof around with an otherwise
> worthless device at the kernel or bootloader level.

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