From: Carlos Sanmartin Dominguez csanmartin at igalia.com
Date: Wed Jul 18 18:28:20 EEST 2007
> Thanks, ok but how can I run it ?
> If I want use Application Manager to install the example a deb file 
> must be provided, but how can i crete this package ?

You could try to run the binary from a shell (xterm) or ssh console.
You can install a debian package from the app-manager, but the file
should be located at any place in MyDocs or removable memories.
To make the packages, is the same way as in i386 target at sbox,
you can use dpkg-buildpackage.

But the example you comment (hildonprogram.c) I think is just a source
file, it has not the structure for building debian package. I think
the tutorial shows how to build a package for maemopad.


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